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Day or night, sunny or grey, enjoy our all-day menu service.

Meze is a traditional culture,
From small gatherings for lunch or dinner having different mezes  small
Sample like plates on the table to enjoy with a glass of wine or a cocktail 

Meze or Mezethes is a special greek meal course like appetizers that are served in small variety plates. Meze dishes gives you an eating experience from a hot or cold small plates and savory to spicy dishes that goes well with a traditional greek drink ouzo to any of your favorite cocktails.  This traditional eating of Meze brings friends and family together as to share a family style variety small plates. 

Mezethes means many little dishes or to graze, and it's the way we eat at home; a series of small, tasty dishes that combine to make a meal.

The kitchen helmed by our experienced chef to bring in a tasty selection of a traditional and modern range of Greek-style dishes, prepared using the best quality ingredients, wherever possible and cooked traditionally over a bed of charcoal

To complement your Greek food experience, we have selected and stock a range of local and imported beers, wines, spirits, liqueurs and cocktails for your enjoyment.

Mykonos Meze is established in 2020 and set within one of the beautiful and trendy restaurants of downtown Burlingame , in Lorton Ave. The restaurant offers a beautiful and friendly ambience for all occasions. The outdoor patio is perfect for long, relaxed lunches or dinners with friends surrounded by beautiful bougainvillea flowers over our white and blue walls which gives you a feel of sitting in a greek island.